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Dispatching Services


6% - 10%

What is full-service dispatching? 

This is the most common service for carriers and requires the least amount of work on their part. The dispatcher will find the loads, complete all paperwork (rate sheets, carrier packets, broker contracts, etc.), track the load from pick-up to delivery, request detention, layover or TONU pay, if needed, and send off invoices to ensure that the carrier gets paid. There is a load percentage associated with full-service dispatching. The rate is determined by your equipment type, fleet size, & length of time in business.

Load Finder

$75 per week

What is a Load Finder?

A load finder simply finds loads for carriers. He/she does not complete any paperwork, carrier packets, rate sheets, or invoices. This service is a great option for those carriers who dispatch themselves or have a secondary dispatching service that they work with and ensures that your dispatcher gets compensated for the time they invest in assisting you.

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