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Contract Drafting

Contract Drafting

45,00$ Precio
25,00$Precio de oferta

If you have a need for custom created contracts to help things flow smoothly with your customers, regardless of what industry you're in, we got you. Get a 1-2 page contract drafted (with 2 revisions) and delivered to your inbox in as little as 2 business days. 3-5 page contracts are delivered in 5 business days. Lay out your terms and explain to your clients exactly what to expect when entering into a business agreement with you.


Small - 1 to 2 pages

Medium - 3 to 5 pages

Large 6+ pages (please email us for a price quote)

  • Example items that we can draft.

    • Terms & Conditions
    • Sales Agreements
    • Service Contracts
    • Cancellation Policies
    • Return/Refund Policies
    • Dispatcher Agreements
    • Employee Applications
    • Breeding/Whelping Contracts
    • Air BNB House/Property Rules
    • And more