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  • What equipment types do you work with?
    We work with all types of equipment: 1. Dry Vans 2. Reefers 3. Flatbeds 4. RGN's 5. Stepdecks 6. Hot Shots We are not onboarding any Cargo/Sprinter Vans at the moment.
  • Can I get loads with a brand new authority?
    This depends heavily on your equipment type and location. While it is difficult for all truck types starting out, it is increasingly more difficult for hot shots that have less than 40 ft of deck space or that are hauling less than 20,000 lbs. Usually brokers prefer to work with carriers whose authority is at least 90 days old, but many of them have started to push the requirements out to 6 months and some even require 1 year of active authority before working with new carriers. So even though you may not have as many load options as you'd like, you can still be dispatched with a new authority.
  • What if I don't have my own authority?
    There are options for you. We've recently launched our 3-week Authority Program to help carriers get setup with their own MC/DOT numbers. Everything you need, we put in place until your authority is active and you are ready to roll. Message us for details.
  • Do you provide loads to non-CDL drivers?
    Yes. Depending on your equipment type, a CDL may not be required in order to get loads dispatched through M2D Logistics. We have non-CDL drivers that move freight for us daily.
  • What are the benefits of outsourcing my company’s truck dispatching needs?
    Here are a few… a. Owner-Operators and Fleet Owners can use our team to plan loads that will keep their trucks moving consistently & minimize down time in-between loads. b. Enjoy the benefits of working 1 on 1 with an experienced freight consultant who has a proven track record and professional connections in the trucking industry. c. No more freight negotiating. We study the industry and are familiar with the proper rates so we fight to get them for you. d. Have more time to focus on driving. No more sitting or searching for truck stops to fill out, fax, or email paperwork. We do that for you. e. Reduce office and software expenses. No more paying for load boards, fax services, etc. f. Save time and get more rest. Instead of brokers interrupting your day with redundant phone calls & emails they call us. g. We perform credit check of brokers or shippers before accepting any load to ensure that you are hauling for a reputable company that pays on time. h. We keep track of the loads and communicate with all parties until it is delivered safely.
  • Do you offer loads to Cargo Vans and/or Box Trucks?
    No. Not at the moment.
  • What if I want to be home weekly? Is that possible?
    Yes. We can send you out on Monday and plan your route accordingly so that you are back home by Friday, if that's what you prefer.
  • What is a factoring company and as a carrier, why would I need one?
    A factoring company buys a business's unpaid invoices at a discount. The business or in this case, the carrier, gets a percentage of the invoice, say between 95-85%, within a few hours, and the factoring company takes ownership of the invoice and the payment process. Most carriers find factoring companies useful because shippers can take anywhere from 30 days to 3 months to payout after a load is delivered. The factoring company can pay you quickly while they wait for the shipper to payout.
  • How does the factoring process work?
    Work is done for a client, but payment schedules are slow. Every business knows what this is like. You do work for a client but their pay terms are 30-60 days. If a business doesn’t factor, they are forced to wait that entire time before they see any money for that work. Invoice is sent to a factoring company. Instead of waiting weeks to get paid, the business decides to factor their invoice with a factoring company. The factoring company contacts the business’ debtor to verify the invoice is good. Trucker is paid an advance. Within 24-hours of the invoice being approved, the factoring company advances the trucker up to 97% of the face value of the invoice. Factoring company is paid. After waiting the 30-60 days to receive payment from their client’s debtor, the factoring company is paid the full face value of the invoice. Factoring client is paid the balance. Once the factoring company has been paid in full, they pay the remaining balance of the invoice to their client, minus their factoring fee.
  • Do you have direct clients or are the loads provided from the load boards?
    Both. We work daily to build good relationships with a large volume of clients and brokers. However, our dispatchers sometimes book loads from the load boards as well.
  • Can I use another dispatching service while I’m working with M2D Logistics?
    Yes & No. M2D Logistics offers full service dispatching which means a dedicated team member will be assigned to work with you as soon as you sign up. Our team member will be investing a great amount of time in order to secure the best paying loads and if the truck gets covered by an external dispatcher, then he/she wouldn't get paid & would have wasted valuable time that could have been invested in another owner-operator. If you would like to use our services part-time, then we have added a new service so that we can assist but still be able to compensate our dispatchers for the time they invest into working with you. Our load finder service gives you the flexibility to work with our team as well as other dispatchers. Find out more about it on our Services page.
  • How much money can I make working with M2D Logistics?
    This will depend entirely on the following: 1) The market 2) Your equipment type 3) How much weight you can haul 3) How much home time you require (The more time you spend OTR, the more you stand to make.) The low target we have for CDL hotshots and semi-trucks in a regular market is +$7,500.00 per week. When the market is high (summer), the numbers can go as high as $12,000 per week with a single driver.
  • Do you provide regional loads?
    M2D Logistics specializes in OTR dispatch, however at our drivers request, we can and will have you out on Monday and home by Friday. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot guarantee any regional loads because moving trucks through a possibly reduced area may prevent the carriers from reaching their targeted pay rates each week.
  • If I have a hotshot 40’ L, how can I scale 20,000 LBS?
    In order to scale 20,000 LBS safely, you must have the following features on your trailer: – 12k axles at least (not 10k axles) – 14 ply tires at least (not 10 ply tires) – You must have your equipment registered to weigh 42,000 LBS or more. It doesn’t mean you are going to weigh that much. That’s going to give you the necessary legal room to scale 20,000 LBS after all the upgrades are done. Otherwise, even If you have the right axles and tires, if you load 20,000 LBS, you will be overweight.
  • What is your rate for carriers?
    Our current rate depends on a number of things: How often a driver is willing to stay out OTR and how long your authority has been active are two of the most important factors. These things affect our workflow as well as our bottom line. So if a driver has had his/her authority for a minimum of 1 year and is willing to stay out at least 2 weeks at a time, then we will offer that carrier a rate discount. Otherwise, the standard rate will be 10%. Think you qualify for a discounted rate? Then call us. Let's work it out!
  • What is your freight booking process?
    Once we have all your paperwork and our Team Dispatcher understands your freight needs, then he/she will begin searching for loads. They will present you with the best load options and discuss lane, rate, weight, type of freight being carried, single or multiple pick/drop, and other pertinent load information. If you decline the load we will search for another one until you are satisfied. However, this back-and-forth process with a Carrier and Broker/Shipper can be very demanding and freight can be given to another Carrier during this time-sensitive negotiating process. Our Truck Dispatchers always use professional judgment and are trained to find the best paying freight. We heavily emphasize to our clients to inform us beforehand as to what acceptable per mile rate they will be comfortable with to avoid freight being sold to another carrier during this process.
  • I have a trucking company and I'm looking to outsource my truck dispatching needs to M2D Logistics. What do you need from me in order to begin work?
    The main documents we will need are listed below: • IRS Form W9 • FMCSA Authority Certificate • Notice of Assignment (from your factoring company) • Dispatcher-Carrier Agreement • Current active insurance certificate reflecting industry norms of $1,000,000 Auto Liability and $100,000 Cargo insurance where applicable. We cannot get started until we have these documents. Please reach out to our team to see what additional documents may be required.
  • Do I need to sign any short or long term contract to use your service?
    No. We do not lock our carriers into short or long-term contracts. We simply request a one week notice before cancellation. You can cancel our services any time by simply emailing us a heads up with the reason for discontinuing, and we will remove you from our database. Some of our larger fleets require contracts due to dispatching resources required to manage them. Please ask for details.
  • After I send in all my paperwork what is the next step?
    Once your company sends in all the necessary paperwork, an M2D Logistics Specialist will be assigned to your account. Your designated Team Specialist’s duties will be to understand your lanes, schedule, and types of freight to be carried. They will work closely with you throughout this initial process. Our dispatchers are professionals and thoroughly understand the freight market. Our goal is to keep you and your equipment moving at profitable rates utilizing our unique strategies.
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